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Join the Langley Spinners and Weavers Guild on Friday, March 29 for hands on fun using our equipment. Have you always wanted to sit and spin at a wheel or been curious about how a blended batt will look as yarn? Now's your chance! 

The Guild and their expert team of fibre artisans will be at their booth all day, please drop by and try your hand at the many pieces of equipment they'll have available. 

We'll have 3 spinning wheels, drops spindles, a table loom, a rigid heddle loom, an Inkle Loom, potholder looms, carders and more available for anyone to try. 







Friday and Saturday,  the Peace Arch Weavers and Spinners (PAWS), will be at their booth demonstrating weaving on table looms, rigid heddle looms and inkle looms. As well as weaving, members will be demonstrating spinning on drop spindles and spinning wheels and fibre preparation.


PAWS meets at the Museum of Surrey on Hwy 10 in Cloverdale and welcomes new members to their regular drop in meetings on Wednesdays. Benefits of the Guild include access to classes, mentoring from other members and an extensive fibre related library. Members interests and expertise include weaving, spinning, felt making, tapestry, dyeing, basket making and knitting. 



For both days of the show, BeSharp Sharpening will be at the show, be sure to bring your scissors, pinking shears, manicure scissor or salon scissors and Eric will sharpen them while you shop. 

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