CLASSES FOR 2017 are up!!  Revised registration deadline is Friday, Mar.3/17

Come join us! Classes in Knitting, Felting, Spinning, Drop Spindling, Weaving, Tapestry, Lace Making and our 9th Annual Kids Drop In Class. Learn a new skill or brush up an existing one. Inspiration, creativity and community – join our wonderful, local teachers as they guide you along. Class fees include free admission for both days of the show.

Please read through the class descriptions carefully taking note of material fees due to the instructor on the day of the class, start times and any equipment needed. If there is a problem, or the class does not run, we will contact you using the email you provide via PayPal or on your form (if we cancel a class you will receive a full refund). Once you have registered and paid, classes are not refundable but are transferable to another party. Please register early to avoid disappointment!  PLEASE BE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT OPTION (half day, full day, needle felt) AND CORRECT COURSE # FROM THE DROP DOWNS. 

There are two ways to register:

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Half Day Class

Full Day Class

Needle Felting/Kids Make It


briocheBrioche Knitting Two, Venessa Bentley. Half day, Fri.Mar.17. 8:30-12:30. $75   #101

Brioche Knitting is characterized by a squishy, ridged look that appears as ribbed fabric. Stitches are lined up in columns and create a 3-dimensional look that becomes even more intriguing when more than one colour is used. This suggestion of the stitches floating is created by the use of slipped stitches and yarn overs.


In this 4-hour program, intended as a follow-up to Brioche Basics offered last year, we will review the basic stitches on flat pieces, then in the round. Next we will take a look at two-colour work, and shaping, and do some project talk. Students will receive a resource binder where samples can be kept. Students will learn to: knit plain brioche stitches; work flat pieces; work in the round; work in one and two colours; shape brioche fabric, just for starters!


Materials Fee: $6 payable to instructor for binder and notes.

Skill required: This 4-hour hands-on workshop is intended for knitters with basic skills, including a knowledge of how to increase, decrease, and use yarn overs.

Equipment required: Please bring at least two high contrast colours of a light worsted/dk yarn and a range of long double pointed or circular needles (3.75 mm to 5 mm). Please bring along your knitter’s tool kit with markers, scissors, etc..


lace1Knit a Triangular Lace Shawl, Sandra Kiechle. Full day, Fri.Mar.17. 9:30-5. $145   #201

In this class, students will work through the process of designing their own triangular lace shawl. We will look at selecting simple lace patterns and setting them on graph paper for you to knit from. Sandra will have two basic triangular shapes as examples for students to choose from. Topics discussed are: selection of yarn, needle types, reading and preparing a graphed pattern, calculating stitches, adding a lace edging and blocking your shawl.


Material fee: n/a

Skill required: students should have some experience knitting lace, although the project can be modified to fit your skill level.

Equipment required: yarn that you would like to knit your finished project with or practice yarn, appropriate needles to match your yarn. Pencil, pen, graph paper (instructor will have some available), calculator, stitch markers, scissors and enthusiasm!


leolaoneFearless Knitting, Leola Witt-McNie. Full day, Fri.Mar.17. 9:30-5. $145   #202

Gain confidence by knitting with panache! A creative and fun way to discover your unique style. The goal is to make a cowl using different weights of yarn and to explore, create and discover the quality of different yarns. Leola will provide some yarns for you to try.


Material fee: $5 payable to instructor

Skill required: beginner to advanced

Equipment required: 60 cm circular needle 5mm – 8 mm. Left over yarns.


intarsiaGet the Picture? Knit Intarsia, Venessa Bentley. Full day, Sat.Mar.18. 9:30-5. $145   #203

Intarsia is a colour work technique where areas of colour are worked with separate balls of yarn, picking up the yarn and dropping it as needed. Yarn not in use is left hanging, and not carried along behind the work. In a complex design, several motifs may be worked at the same time. In the full day, hands-on program, students will build several samples, knitting a variety of motifs, to add to a detailed binder of instructions.


Students will learn: to transition from one colour to another preventing holes; to maintain tension while working motifs; to work a variety of shapes and angles; to manage the yarn at the back of the work; to knit horizontal and vertical colour changes; to work from a chart; to work duplicate stitch or Swiss darning; to design their own motifs.


Materials Fee: $6 payable to instructor for binder and notes.

Skill required: this full day hands-on workshop is intended for knitters with good basic skills, colour work experience is not necessary.

Equipment required: please bring several colours of Cascade 220 or an equivalent weight of wool yarn (non-super wash), a range of favourite needles: 3.75 mm – 4.5 mm, knitting accessory kit.


laurieshawlTextures in Felt for Story Shawls, Laurie Steffler. Full day, Fri.Mar.17. 9:30-5. $145   #204

We will use silk fabric and merino wool to hand-felt a Story Shawl. Laurie will also demonstrate how to incorporate and piece unusual fabric embellishments, pre-felts and use resists, colour and shadow layering within the theme. Dive deep within to create a wonderful wrap. Please come prepared with ideas and/or pictures to help your shawl story unfold. Bring embellishments such as: silk hankies, fibre, yarn, pre-felts and fabrics with an open weave that you would like to include.


Material Fee: Merino wool supplied by instructor (if your project is larger than average there may be an a small charge for fibre), please email Laurie for info re: purchasing your own silk fabric,


Skill required: beginner to advanced

Equipment required: two clear plastic lawn/leaf bags, sharp scissors, old towel, 24” bubble wrap with small bubbles, container for sprinkling hot water (i.e.  jar with holes punched in the lid, bonsai sprayer, parmesan cheese container), dish gloves if needed.


lauriebagJazzy Bags and Sculptural Bowls in Felt, Laurie Steffler. Full day, Sat.Mar.18. 9:30-5. $145   #205 FULL

Create your own unique and seamless felt bag or create a felt bowl using a resist. You will learn how to measure for your resist which can include protrusions for sculptural features and how to included more resists for extra pockets. Gain a comprehensive understanding of layering wool for colour blending, how to include pre-felts in surface design and the use of embellishments.


Material Fee: $35 payable to instructor for all materials – Merino and Corriedale wool.


Skill required: beginner to advanced

Equipment required: 2 clear plastic lawn/leaf bags, 6 mm clear plastic used for the resists (found in lumber or hardware stores), sharp scissors, 24” bubble wrap with small bubbles, dish gloves if needed, open weave fabric, embellishments if wanted, old towel, container for sprinkling hot water (i.e. jar with holes punched in the lid, bonsai sprayer, parmesan cheese container).


bunny2Needle Felting, Pearl Chow. 2-hour class, Sat.Mar.18. a.m. 10-12 OR p.m. 2-4. $25

Needle felting is a wonderful craft for all ages. Join Pearl as she shows you tips and tricks to create needle felted animals, fruit, veggies, and/or something from your imagination! If you are under 10, you are welcome to come with a parent, grandparent or other adult.

Material Fee: $15 payable to instructor

Skill required: beginner

Equipment required: Pearl will have all materials required.


tapestryTapestry Weaving 101, Janna Maria Vallee. Full day, Fri.Mar.17. 9:30-5. $145 #206

Learn how to weave a custom wall hanging on a lap loom in this introductory Tapestry Weaving workshop. Students will leave the workshop with a solid understanding of the process of warping up and weaving with multiple techniques like shape building, colour blending and textural techniques. We will talk about how to choose yarn for your projects, as well as finishing techniques and how to troubleshoot tapestry-specific issues. Students will leave with a good start on a sampler wall-hanging in colours of their choosing from a range of naturally dyed yarns made by Janna.


Material Fee: $70

Skill required: beginner

Equipment required: all materials are provided at the workshop and are covered by the student’s materials fee. They include a wooden tapestry loom with tension control, warp yarn, wool weft yarn naturally dyed by Janna, a tapestry needle and a 14-page handout.


RHloomRigid Heddle Weaving, Pearl Chow. Half Day, Fri.Mar.17. 1-5. $75   #102 1 spot left

Learn how to weave a scarf with yarns you’ve stashed and saved for the perfect project you didn’t know you wanted to make! Learn tips and tricks on how to use up novelty yarns, sock yarn remnants, and/or mix novelty yarns with classic wools or cottons. Pearl learned how to weave with Rowena Hart, author of Ashford Knitters’ Loom books.


Material fee: n/a


Skill required: beginner

Equipment required: rigid heddle loom, stash yarns, scissors, pen, pencil, notebook. Please contact us at if you do not have a loom and are interested in taking the class.


 RecycleRecycled Rehashed, Leola Witt-McNie. Full Day, Sat.Mar.18. 9:30-5. $145   #207

This full day workshop will explore the uses of different materials that usually end up in the land fill. Students will discuss using recycled materials including plastic bags, video tape, fabric stashes, scraps, rope, etc.. Students will create a sample piece that shows them the versatility of the found materials. Participants will have the opportunity to get out of their comfort zones and delve into the magic of playing with possibilities. Come with a loom warped in straight twill and explore the many ways you can use the excesses of waste – a fitting direction of this year’s ANWG’s “Treadle Lightly” conference! Some looms available if requested and all materials will be provided, though students are free to bring odds and ends.


Materials fee: n/a

Skill required: beginner with some weaving experience preferred

Equipment required: table loom (warped in straight twill), or Rigid Heddle Loom


CedaroneCedar Bark Basket, Jessica Silvey. Full Day, Sat.Mar.18. 9:30-5. $145   #208

Participants will weave a cedar bark basket using the plain weave (checkerboard weave) and twine method, while learning the importance of the Cedar Tree, the “Tree of Life” to the Coast Salish People.


Material Fee: $40 payable to instructor


Skill required: all levels

Equipment required: none, provided by instructor.



droponeSpindling 1.0: making yarn with a spindle, Diana Twiss. Half Day, Fri.Mar.17. 8:30-12:30. $75   #103 FULL

In this introduction to the spindle as a tool for making yarn, you will learn basic spinning techniques for suspended spindling. These techniques will allow you to further explore making a variety of yarns with these noble tools. This class is for absolute beginning spinners, or for those who know how to spin with a wheel, but don’t know how to do it with a spindle, yet.  It is also your chance to learn how to spin on a Turkish spindle (supplied) and make those wonderful “turtles” as you wind the yarn onto the spindle.

In this four-hour workshop, you will also learn about the properties of wool as a protein fibre for making yarn. You will learn drafting techniques and how to ply and set yarn – everything you need to get you started on your yarn making journey.


Materials fee: $15 payable to instructor

Skill required: beginner

Equipment required: Suspended spindle – top or bottom whorl – Please make sure the spindle is balanced. It should be between 35g and 55g in weight. Shoebox to be used as a lazy kate and a place to store your fibre. Optional: hand carders, if you have them. If you don’t have a spindle, the instructor has some Turkish spindles (TurtleMade) and top-whorl spindles (Houndesign) you can borrow for the workshop. Black Watch spindles will be available for $45 – please email instructor if you wish to purchase one:


droptwoSpindling 2.0: Taking it to the Next Level, Diana Twiss. Half day, Fri.Mar.17. 1-5. $75   #104

This class is for spinners who can make a continuous thread with a suspended spindle (also known as a “drop spindle”) and want to learn more about spindling such as spinning with different styles of spindles (Turkish, Navajo, Russian supported), spinning faster, and having more options for plying. In this 4-hour class, participants will learn the following techniques that will make their spindling experiences more satisfying:

  • All the basics such as making a leader, drafting and winding on
  • Drafting techniques such as spinning from the fold, and worsted and woolen
  • Strategies for spinning difficult or challenging fibre
  • Tips for spinning soft singles and lace weight yearns
  • An assortment of ways to ply yarn (along with Navajo plying) with a spindle
  • Demonstrations with and opportunities to try supported spindles to spin cotton, yak and bison
  • Demonstrations with and opportunities to spin with Turkish spindles
  • The importance of setting your yarn and how to do it

Materials fee: $15 payable to instructor

Skill required: must be able to spin a continuous thread with a spindle

Equipment required: Suspended spindle – top or bottom whorl – please make sure the spindle is balanced and not too heavy. It should be between 35g and 55g in weight. Note: the instructor has several supported spindles, Turkish spindles and top-whorl spindles you can experiment with during the workshop. There will also be spindles that you can purchase from the instructor. Black Watch spindles will be available for $45 – please email instructor if you wish to purchase one:


Please bring any other spindles you own and if you have some special fibre you want tips on spinning with, bring it along. Note: all fibre for the workshop will be supplied. Empty shoebox – to be used as a lazy kate and to hold your materials. Any fibre preparation tools you may have such as hand cards, flick carders, mini combs.


lace2Spinning it Thin: Making Cobweb Yarn with your Support Spindle, Sandra Kiechle. Half day, Sat.Mar.18. 8:30-12:30. $75   #105

Bring your support spindles and learn how to spin fine yarns for Russian Lace Shawls and other fine, lace knitting. We will explore spinning a variety of different fibres including llama, merino, silk and cashmere. Topics will include: spindle selection and type, fibre preparation, plying and finishing.


Material fee: n/a


Skill required: should be able to spin a continuous single on a drop or supported spindle.

Equipment required: support spindle, spinning bowl, wool carders.


cardingHand Carders: A Spinner’s Best Friend, Diana Twiss. Half Day, Sat. Mar.18. 8:30-12:30. $75   #106 1 spot left

Hand carders are often the first fibre preparation tools spinners buy and use because they are simple, relatively affordable, and easy to use. But do you know the full range of things your hand carders can do for you?  Join Diana in this class to learn how to:

  • make bouncy rolags from unprocessed fibre
  • combine fibres with wool (such as alpaca and silks)
  • blend colours to make original colourways
  • add texture to your rolags
  • spin with these preparations

You will learn sound ergonomic practices so you can hand card all day in comfort, while having fun at the same time!


Materials fee: $15 payable to instructor

Skill required: can be an absolute beginner with hand carders and must be able to spin a continuous thread on a spindle or wheel.

Equipment required: hand carders (approximately 72 or 108 point), spinning wheel in excellent working order along with lazy kate and bobbins; or spindles so we can do some sampling. Optional: fibres you want tips on learning how to hand card.


thicknthinArt Yarn Fundamental Part One: Spinning Thick and Thin, Diana Twiss. Half Day, Sat.Mar.18. 1:00-5:00. $75   #107

When we first start spinning we make thick and thin yarn with little effort. After a while our spinning evens out. Now, for the life of us, we struggle to make slubs and thick and thin yarn. Join Diana in this class to learn one of the fundamental skills in making art yarn: making slubs and intentionally spinning thick and thin. In a mere four-hour workshop, you will learn how to spin two bobbins full of thick and thin singles; ply them and finish the yarn. All materials for the workshop will be provided as part of the materials fee – fibre from Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre. Participants in the class will also receive a pattern to knit a cozy cowl with this fun skein.


Material fee: $22


Skill required: must have some fundamental spinning skills on a wheel and/or spindle. While this technique can be done on a spindle, you may not be able to complete the entire exercise in four hours.

Equipment required: Spinning wheel in excellent working order, three bobbins and a lazy kate; or spindle, plying balls, small scissors, niddy noddy.



EggsWire Lace Easter Egg, Lenka Suchanek. Full day, Sat.Mar.18. 9:30-5. $145   #209

Traditional lace making techniques get a new life with coloured copper wires and beads. Wire lace is Lenka’s specialty and she loves to design inviting and enjoyable workshops for beginners. Copper wire is surprisingly easy to use for creating simple lace stitches, and there is an endless variety of lace patterns that can be built with those basic stitches. Wire naturally holds 3D form, which makes the delicate wire lace ideal for Easter egg decorations. The same technique can be successfully used in many other creative applications, especially in wearable art.

Material fee: $6

Skill required: beginner/Intermediate

Equipment required: none. A lacemaking kit will be provided to each student for use in the class at no cost. Kits will be available for purchase after the workshop.



kidscraftKids Make It! Pearl Chow, Two Hours, Fri.Mar.17. 10-12. $25

Kids and adults are welcome to come along and learn how to make toys, Kumihimo bracelets, origami, weave with craft and coffee sticks, and explore paper crafts. Pearl’s crafts have been developed or reworked to make them as easy as possible to learn. They are science and math based and have been taught at St. George’s summer camp for the past 4 years.

Material fee: $6

Skill required: beginner, 9+ years and up

Equipment required: none

yarngraffitti9th Annual Kids Drop In, Catherine Dumaine, 10-4, Sat.Mar.18. $2

Create a whimsical and unexpected piece of transportable art. We will have an interesting collection of branches available to wrap and layer with yarn and other ephemera to create an edgy sculptural piece. A fun project for everyone!!