Hazelmere Heritage Fiddlers, Friday, March 21st, 12pm-1pm

Join local fiddlers and put your feet up for an hour. Bring your knitting, drop spindling or just close your eyes and enjoy!





fleeceFleece Selection, Judith Glibbery. Friday, March 21st, 1pm

Do you have a yearning to go back to the basics with wool? If you’re interested in working with raw fleece but don’t quite know where to start, this talk on fleece selection might offer the information you need. Topics will cover how to select fleece, critically important things to look for regarding health, cleanliness, good handles, etc.. and how to handle that fresh new fleece once get it home.

Judith Glibbery  has been involved with sheep and wool for 35 years and loved every minute of it! She’s been a fibre artist, spinning teacher, sheep breeder, fleece judge, and 4H leader. She also was the author/coordinator of a three-year provincial industry driven program/BCSBA to raise scrapie resistance in BC sheep.




fredaHooked in the Maples, Traditional Rug Hooking demo, Freda Jackson. Saturday, March 22nd, 11am

Join Freda for a mini demo of this wonderful, traditional craft. Freda will have many examples on hand and will be able to answer your questions.





TTseaming_setup1Fraser Valley Knitting Guild, Saturday, March 22, 12pm

Join Jodi from the FVKG for “Grafting on the Needles”, see how to graft two pieces of stockinette together without using a darning needle. Perfect for sock toes or mitten tops.





kromskisymphonyclearLARGESpinning Wheel Maintenance, the care and feeding of your wheel, Dian Grant, Saturday, March 22nd, 1pm-2pm

Join Dian to discuss the care and maintenance of your spinning wheel. Dian will touch on the prevention of common problems and maintenance, storage, oiling, drive bands, cleaning and all those other little goodies you need to know to make your wheel purr. As well, she will talk about how to take care of ourselves so that we can continue to spin well and produce great yarn! If you have your wheel with you, Dian will show you the proper uses of oil, fine steel wool, fishing line and elastic bands.

Dian is a member of the Langley Weavers and Spinners Guild, an experienced weaver, spinner and teacher. 



buildingJansen Art Center, Lynden Washington, Saturday, March 22nd, 2:15pm

Join Courtney and Heidi from the “J” for a brief chat on the history and current offerings at the center. The Jansen Art Center, located in Lynden, WA,  is a place for artists to create, teach, share and engage the community in an appreciation of the arts.