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Half Day Class

Full Day Class


venessaLaceWorking a Knitted-on Lace Border, Venessa Bentley. Half day, Fri.Mar.13/15. 8:30-12:30. $65 #101

Knitting a border onto a shawl or other garment is a wise construction choice to make. This method means that all shawl stitches are kept live, and are cast off as the border is worked across the edge. This half day workshop will help to make sense of the process. If you have a shawl in the works, just waiting for a knit-on border, please bring it along to work on. If not, please prepare a garter stitch triangular mini-shawl sample. Please email Venessa directly for the instructions once you have registered for the workshop.

Materials fee: none

Skills required: basic knitting skills

Equipment required: personal shawl or other garment, pattern instructions, and needles that student wishes to work on in class. OR, mini-shawl sample piece per instructions provided by Venessa, and the needles required to work the border. A portable light if available.

VenessaCrochetIntroduction to Bavarian Crochet – Venessa Bentley. Half Day, Fri.Mar.13/15. 1:00-5:00. $65 #102

Crocheters who are looking for something pretty and textured to try, will love this hands-on half day program. Known as Bavarian Crochet this technique employs trebles, clusters, and working around the post to create textured fabric that looks far more complicated than it is. Typically crocheted in a variety of colours, in this program students will work with Noro yarns and the colour change intervals that we love and don’t love (!) to add an element of surprise to this beautiful fabric. Bring along one ball of a favourite Kureyon colourway (or a few different colour ways if you really want to fool around!) and a 5mm hook. Students will work a square sample, and will discuss other project ideas.

Materials fee: none

Skills required: basic knitting skills

Equipment required: Noro Kureyon, 5 mm crochet hook


SandraSpinBeginners Support Spindle, Sandra Kiechle. Half Day, Fri.Mar.13/15. 8:30-12:30. $65 #103 a.m. session full

JUST ADDED: 2nd session Fri.Mar.13/15. 1pm-5pm, please indicate time on form or PayPal.

Tired of dropping your spindle or standing up to spin? Come try spinning with a support spindle. In this class we will explore basic techniques using a variety of different spindles and the fibres best suited to each. If you have a support spindle please bring it along. Instructor will have spindles and bowls to purchase at the class.

Materials fee: $20 payable to instructor, if you wish to purchase a spindle and bowl please contact Sandra before the workshop.

Skill required: beginner

Equipment required: students who have spindles and bowls should bring them to practice with.

dropIntroduction to Spinning with Drop Spindles, Diana Twiss. Half Day, Sat.Mar.14/15, 8:30-12:30. $65 #104 FULL

In this 4 hour workshop, participants will be introduced to the basic spinning techniques for suspended spinning. These techniques will enable participants to further explore making a variety of yarns with these noble tools. This class is for absolute beginning spinners, or for those who know how to spin with a wheel, but not a spindle.

In this introduction to the spindles as a tool for making yarn, participants will learn about the properties of wool as a protein fibre for yarn. They will also learn drafting techniques, and how to spin, ply and set yarn.

Topics covered include: varieties of spindles – how to choose one and how they work, choosing fibre – the properties of wool and working with wool,  spinning on a spindle – park and draft technique, drafting, worsted and from the fold, winding on, making a cop and dealing with a full spindle. Plying your singles and finishing your yarn will also be covered.

Material fee: $15 payable to instructor plus an additional $45 if you wish to purchase a spindle for your class

Skills needed: none

Equipment needed: suspended spindle, top whorl preferred. Bring a variety if you have them. If don’t have one want or wish to add to your collections, spindles will be sold at the workshop for $45 each. If you are planning to purchase from Diana please indicate on your registration form.

Empty shoebox – to be sued as a Lazy Kate and to hold our materials.

DianaDropDrop Spindle II – Diana Twiss. Half Day, Sat. Mar. 14/15. 1:00-5:00. $65 #105

This class is for spinners who are able to make a continuous thread with a suspended spindle (also known as a drop spindle) and want to learn more. In this 4 hours advanced class, participants will learn some techniques to make their spindling experiences much more satisfying by learning all the basics such as making a leader, drafting and winding on. We will also explore drafting techniques such as spinning from the fold, worsted and woollen and strategies for spinning difficult or challenging fibre. An assortment of ways to ply yarns (along with Navajo Plying) with a spindle and the importance of setting your yarn and how to do it will round out our day.

Material fee: $15 payable to instructor plus an additional $45 if you wish to purchases a spindle for your class.

Skill level: must be able to make a continuous thread when spinning with a drop spindle

Equipment needed: suspended spindle, top whorl preferred. Bring a variety if you have them. If you are planning to purchase from Diana please indicate on your registration form.

 DianaPrepExploring Fibre Preparation Techniques – Diana Twiss. Half day, Fri.Mar.13/15. 8:30-12:30. $65 #106

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a carded roving and a combed top? A batt and a rolag? If you are keen to know, then this workshop is for you. In this 4 hour workshop, you will learn a variety of fibre preparation techniques that will help you understand one of the elemental factors in making the yarn you want to make – fibre preparation. You will learn how to flick card, hand card, comb and drum card a variety of fibres. In addition to learning how to use these tools and creating samples with them, you will also play around with fibre and colour blending.

Materials fee: $15 payable to instructor

Skill Level: intermediate and beyond. Must be able to spin a continuous thread and be comfortable with plying.

Equipment required: spinning wheel in excellent operating order, lazy kate, three bobbins, any and all fibre preparation tools you may have – flick carder, hand carders, wool combs, drum carder.

 Fat Singles 15 4Spinning Fat Singles – Kislan Coderre. Half day, Sat.Mar.14/15. 1:00-5:00. $65 #107

Join Kislan of Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre and learn to spin hand dyed rovings into thick, squishy, soft, fat singles yarns. Fat singles not only spin and knit up quickly they are a great way to showcase multi-coloured rovings.

You’ll start the day spinning with natural coloured rovings while you learn a few simple techniques. Once you have mastered the basics, you will move on to the “good stuff”… Kinfolk Yarn’s special edition colourway. This colourway was developed to celebrate Fibres West and reflects the colour trends forecast for 2015. The workshop will wrap up with a demonstration of finishing techniques and a discussion regarding practical uses for fat singles yarns. Students will leave with handouts, samples for future reference and their own handspun skein of fat singles which they will finish at home.

Materials fee: $25 payable to instructor, includes 120 gms hand dyed BFL, 100 gms natural Corrie Cross wool.

Skill level: students should be able to spin a continuous singles, yarn, have a working knowledge of the operation of their wheels.

Equipment needed: spinning wheel, 3 bobbins, orifice hook, lazy kate, niddy noddy

JudithSpinningBe Quick On The Draw – Judith Glibbery. Full Day, Sat.Mar.14/15. 9:30-5:00. $130 #202 FULL

Are you a beginner or perhaps a more experienced spinner who find themselves spinning everything the same way, creating that dreaded default yarn? There’s a whole new spinning world out there just waiting for you! Learn how to develop correct drafting draws for any type of fibre and yarn you wish to create. Love the funky art yarns, cobweb fine lace yarns and everything in between but not totally sure how you get there? After this workshop, you’ll be choosing correct ratios, getting the most out of your spinning wheel, and determining correct draws for different fibres and yarns. We’ll demystify and make sense of worsted, woolen, semi-worsted, semi-woolen, spinning from the fold, short draw and long draw. Yes, we’ll be doing long draw… don’t worry, you’ll love it! Plying and yarn finishing techniques will also be covered.

This workshop is about understanding the big picture of skill building; creating firm foundations for yourself so you can start making that drop dead gorgeous yarn you’ve always wanted to spin.

Materials fee: $20 includes a comprehensive notebook.

Skill required: beginner to advanced

Equipment required: spinning wheel in good condition, oiled and ready to spin. Three bobbins, lazy kate for plying. You can also Andean ply your samples (don’t worry we’ll teach you). Sharp scissors, magnifying glass, close up readers if you need them. Lap cloths both dark and light, fine flick carder or small cat brush, hand carders if you have them (don’t go out and buy them), small ruler.

handspun cottonCotton Spinning Workshop for the Wheel – Heidi Braacx. Half Day, Fri.Mar.13/15. 1:00-5:00. $65 #108 1 spot left

Learn the unique method of spinning cotton in this fun and relaxed workshop. The techniques you learn in this class will allow you to spin cotton smoothly and easily. You may also find that you can transfer what you’ve learned to improve your handling of any short-stapled fibre. Enjoy the comfort of an intimate class and learn about the history and botany of naturally pigmented cottons. Bring home your very own skein of hand spun organic and fair-trade cotton, with plenty more to practice with at home.

Materials Fee: $25 includes a selection of cotton for spinning, folder to organize samples with notes and additional information

Skill required: must be able to spin a continuous single on a spinning wheel.

Equipment required: spinning wheel in good working order, lazy kate, niddy noddy, any other spinning accessories you normally use. Pen, pencil notebook if you like to take notes.


FionaLampFelt Illuminated – Fiona Duthie. Full Day, Fri.Mar.13/15. 9:30-5:00. $130 #203

Warm, Soft, Comforting – everything we think of in wool – but unique when used in felt lighting. The wool fibre patterns are accentuated through illumination and layers of shading. The learning challenges in this class are to measure and make resists to construct a 3-D felt form to exact finished dimensions and to create lightweight, structurally strong felt that illuminates beautifully. Combining fibres, multiple layers, felt lace, pre-felt, colour work and stitching. We’ll explore all these surface design elements to create a striking interior design piece, in the form of a drum shaped hanging light or table lamp.

Materials fee: $35 payable to instructor

Skill required: intermediate

Equipment needed: 2 old towels, small bucket (like an ice cream or yoghurt container), ball brause or sports water bottle, measuring tape, drawing paper, pen/pencil, calculator.

FionaBagFelted Bags – Fiona Duthie. Full Day, Sat.Mar.14/15. 9:30-5:30. $130 #204, FULL

Dimensional felting involves using resists to create seamless hollow forms, in any shape you desire. This technique is commonly used to make vessels, slippers, hats, clothing, sculptural works as well as one of our favourites, bags! Beautiful, unique, and durable. A felt bag can be created in any size or shape and is a great canvas for experimenting with new surface techniques. We will cover design, resist making, measuring, shaping, thinking in 2-D forms to create 3-D shapes and felting on a form. We’ll discuss the best sculptural wools and sources, all while making your own personalized, functional art.

Materials fee: $35 payable to instructor

Skill level: intermediate

Equipment needed: 2 old towels, small bucket (like an ice cream or yoghurt container), ball brause or sports water bottle, measuring tape, drawing paper, pen/pencil, calculator.

bag for fibreswestExploring Surface Design for Unique and Sculptural Felt Bags with pockets using a resist– Laurie Steffler. Full Day, Fri. Mar.13/15. 9:30-5:00. $130 #205

Learn how to make fun seamless felt bag with pockets in your own unique style, shape and size. I will demonstrate how to use a resist to create the seamless bag with pockets, how to collage pre-felts, coils, fabric and yarn embellishments, layer colour for cut outs, use marbles for 3-D effects and form the bag into a vessel shape. You can choose to create a coil strap or add your own leather strap. There will be many colours of merino wool and fabric/yarn embellishments to choose from for your project.

Material fee: $35 payable to instructor

Skill required: beginner with some felting experience

Equipment required: option of adding your own leather strap and embellishments


LaurieScarfNuno Felted Silk Chiffon Collar Scarf, Laurie Steffler. Full Day, Sat.Mar.14/15. 9:30-5:00. $130.00 #206, FULL

Enjoy creating a beautiful scarf that drapes elegantly and can be worn to look like a vest with felt leaves trailing over your arms. This double-sided Nuno felted scarf uses a chiffon silk base. We will explore surface design and the use of layered silk material to create texture and shape. I will demonstrate how to create a variety of flowers and my latest design making 3-D bees from pre-felts that pollinate the flowers. I will provide an exotic merino wool and silk blend roving and silk chiffon fabrics in many colours for you to choose from.

Materials fee: $35 payable to instructor

Skill level: beginner

Equipment required: none

PearlFelt2Introduction to Needle Felting – Pearl Chow. Half Day, Sat.Mar.13/15. 1:00-5:00. $50 #109

Learn tips and tricks to create needle felted animals, fruit, veggies, and/or something you imagine. Quick and fun for all ages. Children 10 and under are welcome with an accompanying parent (no charge for parent helper!). Material fee is included when you pay via PayPal. 

Material fee: $15

Skill required: beginner



lockerhookingIntroduction to Locker Hooking with wool – Venessa Bentley. Half Day, Sat.Mar.14/15. 8:30-12:30. $65 #110

Locker hooking with unprocessed clean fleece produces a rustic, folk-style look to hooked fabric. During this half day hands-on workshop, students will be shown, then practice the basic techniques for working on rug canvas using a locker hook, a tightly twisted wool yarn, and hand-carded fleece. A kit with all materials will be provided, so that students will be well on their way to having a small piece of locker hooked canvas to take home with them.

Materials fee: $20 or less

Skills required: beginner

Equipment required: a flick carder or metal brush as used for a dog or a cat; a portable light if you have one



LenkaLace2Bobbin Lace for Beginners – Lenka Suchanek. Two Half Days, Fri/Sat, Mar.13 & 14/15. 8:30-12:30. $130 #209

Bobbin lace is a technique that uses just two moves (cross and twist) to create an endless variety of open, transparent patterns. This workshop introduces lace making tools, basic stitches and simple lace patterns. It is designed as an invitation to the delicate world of lace.

Material fee: $15 payable to instructor

Skill required: beginner

Equipment required: scissors, 10 or 12 mm crochet hook, TV table or similar small table no higher than 26”. Lacemaking kit (lacemaking pillow and bobbins) will be provided for each student for use in class at no cost. Kits will be available for purchase after the class, $150.



 Fibres West 7th Annual DROP-IN Class!


PearlFeltNeedle Felting Drop-In. Saturday, March 14th, 10-12:30pm. Join Pearl Chow for an informal Needle Felting drop-in class. This drop-in is geared to kids but all are welcome to come and try out this fun and easy craft. Cost is $5, payable at front counter. Pearl will be teaching a more in-depth class at 1pm.