13917988056_d2097d55b5_cFriday, March 18 @ 11:45am. Join Anita Jamieson of the Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild as she shares her adventures in Japan with a Silk Farmer and Textile Artist. Anita studied Shibori, Indigo Dyeing, Stencilling, and Japanese Philosophy.















ruthjonesFriday, March 18 @ 1pm. From 2012-2015, Vancouverite Ruth Jones worked at Stirling Castle as lead weaver on the Stirling Castle Tapestry Project.  She will share some of the stories of life in a working public studio and the fascinating link between a 15th century Royal tapestry collection and one of the longest projects in contemporary textile art revival. www.ruthjones.ca













Friday, March 18 @ 3:10pm. Join Jacqueline Brind of the Lower Mainland Sheep Producers Association for a brief chat about fleece, what to look for and how to pick the perfect one for your project. Jacqueline will also speak about the upcoming Fleece Sale, the Wool ‘n Ewe Affair, June 11, 2016. www.lmspa.ca












Saturday, March 19 @ 11:45am. A talk about the importance of highly skilled weavers in the success of the Viking voyages of Discovery by Linda Woodcock of the Reik Felag Norse Culture Recreation Society.  The group depicts the culture of Norse people of the Viking Age every year at the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival in Burnaby, B.C.  As part of this Viking Village encampment Linda has been demonstrating the use of the warp-weighted loom.  She will be weaving on the loom during both days of the show.








Ann_Harmer (002)Saturday, March 19 @ 3:10pm. Ann Harmer, Colours from the Forest: Mushroom Dyes. Learn about the rainbow of colours that our West Coast mushrooms give as Ann Harmer, from Garden Bay on BC’s Sunshine Coast, gives a presentation about her experiences with dye fungi. She will also talk about the International Fungi and Fibre Symposium, held somewhre different in the world every two years, with an invitation to attend this year’s event, October 17-22, 2016, in Pender Harbour (on the Sunshine Coast). www.fungiandfibre2016.org


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